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 "... and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also." 

- 2 Timothy 2:2 ESV

Nineteen years ago, Trog Trogdon moved across the country, from North Carolina to McKinney, Texas, for a job opportunity. He wanted to be successful, wealthy, and make a name for himself, BUT God had different plans. God used this relocation to move more than his stuff. He used it to move his heart toward the things of Christ in a radical way.

It was in Texas that Trog fell in love with Jesus all over again. It was here that he found a great church and was discipled by a dear friend, philanthropist, and pastor. It was here where he learned more about evangelism and ultimately where God broke his heart for the poor. And, he says he is forever grateful!

Put simply, Trog found his life’s work and passion which is threefold…to share the gospel, to make disciples, and to serve the suffering.

Big Announcement!

After almost eight years of serving Christ in South Dallas and helping to build Bonton Farms as a platform for these three initiatives, The Lord has stirred Trog’s heart again to reach not only our city but our state, our country, and even the world with the gospel.

Trog says: “In my work, I have learned about the great need for more workers to “do the work of an evangelist” as the Bible says. I’ve seen a longing and hunger for tools and resources in order to make duplicating disciples. And, I have seen an incredible need for an awakening to the suffering in our cities; that we may be about the work of helping those in need for the sake of the gospel and as a witness to Christ’s love for humanity.

Therefore, it is with incredible joy, excitement, honor (and some nervousness) that The Lord is leading me to launch a new ministry in order to meet these needs. The name of this ministry is Kingdom Focus Coaching and the tagline is: equipping disciples to make disciples.

The goal is to assist and equip individuals, churches, and Christ-centered non-profits like Oasis CenterBonton Farms, The Human Impact, H.I.S. Bridgebuilders, Grace Bridge, and so many others around the nation with tools, training, resources, and helping hands to accomplish Jesus’ command of “going into all the world and making disciples.” Like Gideon, I am praying and working to raise up 300 faithful men and women as Kingdom warriors for Christ who will help in transforming lives, restoring relationships, and help the hurting through the powerful work of the gospel in the lives of those we love.

I will be transitioning into my new role as Founder/President of the Kingdom Focus Coaching ministry in August 2021.


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