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The Benefits of Volunteering During COVID-19

While we are in COVID-19, there are still ways for you to serve as a volunteer here at Oasis Center. For more information about volunteering, please consider the following. "I’m going to let you in on a little secret about volunteering. It is not a completely selfless act. Yes, you are helping others accomplish something but you’re also getting some amazing blessings in return for your time. Here are some of the amazing benefits of volunteering."LaToyia Dennis - The Motivated MomBeing Part of a CommunityThese days most Americans report that they no longer truly feel like they are a part of any community. This loss of community results in social isolation, depression, loneliness, and being more prone to illness. By volunteering with a social change organization regularly, you become part of a community. You get a greater sense of belonging and that does amazing things for your mind, body, and soul. Helping PeopleNot only will you be part of a community when you volunteer, but y…

The Collaborative Approach To Social Change

To some collaboration may seem complex, but to the Oasis Center, nonprofits joining forces can mean bigger strides towards achieving the mission and fostering a better world.Community organizations working together on joint projects can make their programs and activities more effective and/or more efficient.Michael Lee, Executive Director of the Oasis Center said, “My mindset, in the moment of addressing COVID-19 and the civil unrest reaching its peak after the death of George Floyd, is that social change organizations need to come together, share their services, contacts and God-given “calling” to provide evidence-based, community-centric and measurables services to collectively address systematic aspects of historical social injustice. Our efforts in this arena predate both COVID-19 and the present civil unrest and call for policing and criminal justice reform.To this end, Oasis Center and our partners to date have been developing a Dallas Social Justice Network.”
The Dallas Social J…